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Les problèmes sexuels sont l’un des effets secondaires les plus potentiellement gênants de Zoloft et des autres ISRS. Ceux-ci peuvent inclure un désir sexuel réduit ou une difficulté à atteindre l’orgasme, ou moins fréquemment une incapacité à maintenir une érection (dysfonction érectile). Celles-ci peuvent être si pénibles pour certaines personnes qu’elles choisissent de ne pas prendre le médicament et de vivre avec leurs symptômes psychiatriques.

Si la prise de Zoloft interfère avec votre vie sexuelle, la clinique Mayo suggère certaines choses que vous pouvez essayer avant d’arrêter le médicament:prozac sans ordonnance

Guidance for Readings

IMG_3024Please come with an open mind, trust in Spirit to assist you in dealing with your life. Limiting your thoughts to one specific person or topic may limit other spirits who are present with a message for you. I cannot “summon” them; they are the ones who decide who is best able to communicate and serve you at this time.

Messages can be from anyone, family members, friends, colleagues. Please be honest with yourself and the medium, if you do not understand your message, please say so, and the medium will attempt to clarify. As the reading progresses take a moment to reflect on the information before you say “no” and don’t just say “yes” to be helpful.

There is no need to “feed the medium”, the Medium is merely a vessel to relay information. As information is relayed to you it is most helpful if you do not comment, but simply weigh the information in your mind, and reserve your questions until the end.

Readings are a form of experiment. No claims are made and results cannot be guaranteed. Readings are not fortune telling, the aim is to try and give evidence of survival which may include a glimpse from Spirit as to the overall situation of the individual at that particular time or they may just want to pop in to say ‘hello’. Any life choices you make must be your own as only you can choose your life’s path.

You may find more information on the types of readings I offer and how to schedule one by following one of the links below:

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Private Readings
Skype Readings