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Hi Brenda this is Edith I wanted to thank you so much for yesterday it really gave me clarity. You are truly blessed with a gift May God continue to use you as a messenger to help others. You are a sincere, genuine, caring person and I just wanted to let you know that.

I really wanted to thank you again for the reading today and fitting me in so quickly. I also wanted to thank you for having someone come in for me to meet as well. I wish I could have stayed there all day ;) you are a wonderful woman with such a special gift. You have such a kind heart and really helped me today with so many things. -Allysia K

"I want to thank you for that very accurate reading last Saturday. No one has ever tapped into my childhood and do so ,so very accurately. It was amazing. You were right on even with present issues. Thank you again. I look forward to a more in depth reading at a later date. I will be taking some of your classes as well." – Marjorie

"Thank you again Brenda! You are the real deal and I want to know how much joy and peace you bring to people's lives! Please keep doing what you're doing because you truly have a precious gift! Many blessings!" – Adrianne F.

"I think you're an AMAZING teacher, Brenda! You've taught me well!" – Ronda H.